13 June 2016

A stall and throwing off the hump

On Saturday I took part in a stall with other members of the Port Hacking Potters Group which turned out to be a good sales day for me.

my work in the front right hand side of the stall

One customer must have been doing her Christmas Shopping early!  She bought nearly half my stock plus several pieces of one of the others in our group. Wonderful!

Today is a start of my teapots for the teapot show...

to get started and back into throwing I threw some small test dishes off the hump..

This is a way of saving time and clay by centering one larger piece of clay then selecting the top and throwing your small piece and then cutting it off and going again with the remaining clay.

Picture shows larger piece of clay on the wheel and the uncut dish on top with a couple of previously thrown and cut dishes in the background.

Its a holiday weekend here and what better way to spend it than in the studio....
I hope you are having a relaxing time too.


smartcat said...

Congratulations on your big sale. It's so encouraging when the public appreciates and buys your work!
Do you ever get S-cracking when you throw off the hump? I find it depends on my clay body!

Anna said...

Hi Smartcat
No, no S-cracks. I find the tricky part about throwing off the hump is to leave enough foot and not cut through the base. I still do the usual compression of the inside. I think I heard somewhere that this is more important when throwing off the hump.