02 September 2016

Now on Instagram - took ages

I've finally joined up with Instagram after a few false starts..

Over there I go by the tag @potterybyanna

for some reason it wouldn't let me use annasceramics...

So if you are already on Instagram let me know and we can follow each other there too.

At the moment I'm using this image as my avatar:
see you around...


Elephant's Child said...

I haven't yet joined the Instagram/FB/Twitter bandwagons.
Love your avatar. A pefect violet vase.

Linda Starr said...

I have yet to figure it out either

Anna said...

Hi Elephant's Child, I was told that there are lots of potters using Instagram and there are but I think Facebook is a little more interactive.
Glad you like the vase... made a while ago and fired in a gas kiln so not easy to get a similar glaze in an electric kiln... I could make the same shape though. :)

Anna said...

Hi Linda
it was getting my passwords organised that delayed me..
Now that it is done its just another way of seeing what people are making :)
and that's always inspiring ..