18 December 2016

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Dear Friends, Followers and supporters all,

Thank you for all your lovely comments during the year, I do appreciate them.

I'm currently cooking my Christmas cake (gluten free).  A boiled one this year as I've left it so late.

May your festive celebrations be all you hope for...

Wishing you Peace and Joy and Hope for 2017



Elephant's Child said...

And to you and yours.
It is a long time since I have had a boiled fruitcake, and I remember them with affection. Enjoy.

Linda Starr said...

a boiled cake, hum, hope you have a wonderful holiday season

Anna said...

Hi Linda, thank you... I'll try to remember to take a photo when it is cut.

Anna said...

Hi EC, thank you.. yes I even have a recipe for the one with crushed pineapple but decided on one with sherry and spices this time.

Therese said...

Hi Anna,
we also wish you and your family a lovely christmas and all the best for 2017

Anna said...

Hi Therese, thank you. See you in 2017
Love, Anna