05 March 2017

some progress, autumn arrives and an exhibition

 I live near Hazelhurst Regional Art Gallery and popped in recently to view "Art Express" which is a presentation of the Major Art Works undertaken by High School students across the state in their final year exams. 
I was delighted to see so many examples of pottery/ceramics being chosen as the medium they wanted to use.  
Some was slip cast but one student had been inspired by Gwen Hanson-Piggott who was the first Australian potter to show her work overseas as an Art Installation... (Tate St Ives 2004). More about her HERE

Discarded Beauty by Ellie Hawthorne

Mungo Howard - Still Life with Teapots

It would be great if these young people keep up their skills in clay.

It has been nice not to worry about my clay drying too quickly with the onset of some autumn rain...

tree fern fronds

a foggy morning

my exhibition work is progressing... I've completed two more sculptures but of course they have to make it through the firings yet...
here are some teasers

to be saggar fired


Thanks for dropping by...


Elephant's Child said...

Autumn rains? Colour me jealous.
I am very, very pleased your work is progressing and hope that the youngsters have found a medium to stay with.

Anna said...

Hi EC, welcome back to blogger land.. guess the rain has been coastal though BOM says its heading south this time so maybe you will get more later in the week. Fingers crossed for more progress as pieces get fired :)

Linda Starr said...

oh those tree fern fronds

Anna said...

Hi Linda
Glad you like them... that one needs to be cut back as it is across the path to my washing line... they are survivors given the hot summer we had!

Barbara R. said...

Yes to next generation of potters! Our community studio has many white-hairs, but we also have begun to have more younger folks as well. I hope your things survive the firings, as always!

Anna said...

Hi Barbara I certainly hope the younger generation keep up the pottery traditions Thank you for your best wishes for my firings :)