27 March 2017

Successful Bisque - now to glaze

I have discovered a very useful product - ceramic paper.  It is a very thin (1mm) form of ceramic fibre.  I am going to use it to cover my kiln shelves when I fire all the tiny pieces for my mini installation.  Most suppliers have it.  I bought mine from Blackwattle Pottery Supplies and they rate theirs to 1400C but Keane Ceramics have one rated to 1260C. Here is a link to their illustration of the product: Here

Naturally take precautions when handling it.. I put on gloves and a mask when cutting it to size for my shelves.

I used it even though I do have kiln wash on my shelves to protect them... its just that what I am firing will stain the shelves and with so many to fire it is worth the cost of the ceramic paper to give that extra protection.

 These heart shapes dishes have now been decorated and are in the glaze firing I turned on this morning.  Fingers crossed.

The shop that stocks my pots, Fred and Co has a theme of black and white but on occasion will stock some blue so I'm hoping the owner likes these little pouring jars.

the wet weather has fined up at last though the state of Queensland could be in for a cyclone this week.  Sometimes the cyclone becomes a rain event and travels down south to us.. I hope it relieves some of the drought areas up north and gives us a miss.

The bricks outside my studio are growing moss. It usually only grows at the end of winter but again with all the rain the moss is sprouting.

Our palm trees have loved the rain and are flowering ...

I'll let you know next week how the bowls fire. Fingers crossed.


Elephant's Child said...

I don't think I have ever seen (or perhaps noticed) a palm tree in bloom before.
I will gladly accept any leftover Debbie rain.
Good luck with your firing.

Anna said...

thanks for the good wishes... tomorrow before I know if successful.
the flowers are quite pretty. I think this one is one of the native palms. Lets hope "Debbie" the cyclone gets west of the ranges and then down to you.

Lori Buff said...

Very cool, I've never heard of ceramic paper before.

Anna said...

a useful product Lori