28 April 2017

a few more sales

yesterday I took part in a stall held by the Port Hacking Potters Group at the local hospital.
We donate to the hospital and they supply the tables in the foyer while we supply the table cloths and shelves etc.

The sales are not great at the moment as there are building works going on and there is only a drop-off point near the foyer, no actual parking so most people enter via the back door which is closer to a parking area.

Still, we all sold some pots and one of our members gained a commission for more of her wacky mugs which are decorated to look like cars.

Amongst the ones I sold was this little tealight holder.  The person buying them bought several other pieces from the stall, all of them green!


Elephant's Child said...

Your tea-light holder is lovely, and I imagine looks even better with a light inside.

Anna said...

thank you EC... I do have a photo of it with a candle inside but it doesn't really show the holder very well. I'm not a great photographer like you :)

Therese said...

The mugs on commission are decorated with trains, picture to follow. By the way, I made them already and they are firing just now!

Anna said...

Oh trains not cars... and done already, you are a champion Therese.

River said...

Your work is lovely, I scrolled back a post or three and had a look. Thank you for dropping in at Drifting.

Anna said...

Hi River
I have visited your page a few times... Elephant's Child's post often remind me to look at yours.. thanks for the return visit and nice compliment.