29 June 2017

Sneak peek

If you are a potter the size of this little pig near the witness cones will show that they are quite small.

My kiln may be small but it does well getting to the high temperature of Cone 10.

This little pig represents the rare breed of Oxford Sandy Blacks... more will be revealed at my exhibition in August..

Hope you are having a good week...


Linda Starr said...

your pig turned out beautiful

Anna said...

Hi Linda
thank you. There were eleven more in this firing and they all came through well... I still have another 5 to make and fire!

Elephant's Child said...

I have a weakness for pigs. Higly intelligent much maligned beasties - and yours looks like a charmer.

Anna said...

Hi EC you are so right... and they represent so many human characteristics in so many stories from greed to happiness. I am making over 20 of them for my show.