29 July 2017

Slow Drying Teapots

As I have said in previous posts I am making teapots for the Sydney Teapot Show again this year.
Fingers crossed.

This year it is at a new venue.  It will be at the Kerrie Lowe Gallery in Newtown.  This gallery specializes in pottery and has a great reputation.

I know many potters have already completed their pots for the show and yet mine are not fired yet.

After putting them together and decorating two of the four I found they were not drying due to the cold weather and a cold studio.

The two porcelain ones had a stint inside and are fine.

The two stoneware ones that I left outside to be dry enough to trim seemed to be a little uneven so once they were assembled I wrapped them in dry-cleaning plastic and left them for a day.

Fortunately this evened them up and the slow process of drying could begin.  Once they were dry enough I brought them into the house where the air is dryer and warmer.

I still found the bases were not fully dry and with attachments I couldn't turn them upside down so out came the cake cooling rack and one more day and they were ready.

Bisque firing on tomorrow... a slow firing just in case..


Linda Starr said...

some mighty fancy teapots there; I have some plastic kitchen racks I place my work on; good luck with your drying.

smartcat said...

Toes crossed for a good firing.
I always enjoy your updates on the teapot show!

Barbara Rogers said...

Good luck on the firing...it sounds like you're doing everything carefully. And what a great venue to show your work. More pictures requested in the process.

Elephant's Child said...

Good luck.
This avid tea drinker is really looking forward to seeing the final products.
And I see what you mean about pottery teaching you patience. Lots and lots of patience.

Anna said...

Hi Linda yes indeed some people have such creative minds and hands, I feel my offerings are very simple in comparison.

Anna said...

Hi Smartcat thank you... bisque underway at the moment and hopefully glaze later in the week so try to keep toes, eyes and fingers crossed a bit longer :)

Anna said...

Hi Barbara it is a wonderful gallery and always has top notch exhibitions so it is a thrill to have my work there (so long as the firings go OK). You can be sure of more photos once the show opens.

Anna said...

Hi EC we need tea drinkers or there would be no reason to make teapots! Yes, it is very hard not to rush but I am even doing a slow bisque firing.. just not worth hurrying at this stage..