29 August 2017

"Human Nature" exhibition this week - runs to 2/9/2017

If you would like to see my exhibition it continues this week, Wednesday 30/8  to Saturday 2/9, 
10am to 4pm each day.

Wallarobba Arts Centre
25 Edgeworth David Ave
Hornsby NSW

Location on Google Maps.

and including oil pastel drawings by Thea Bourne.

Would love to see you there...

Detail: "2045" wheel and hand-formed components.  Terra sigillata and sawdust firing.


Elephant's Child said...

Love your pig and hope the exhibition (and sales) goes really, really well.

Anna said...

Hi EC thanks so much. This one hasn't found a home yet but others have which is wonderful.

Linda Starr said...

so nice to see the close up of the surface of your pig, amazing the colors you get in your sawdust firings.

Therese said...

Congratulation Anna and Thea for your exhibition! Very well thought out, gets the message across with perhaps a little tongue in cheek! Hope more pigs and paintings will be sold!


Anna said...

Hi Linda sawdust firings can be tricky so thank you.

Anna said...

Hi Therese
Thank you for getting across town to visit our exhibition and thank you for your kind comments..