31 October 2017


I recently attended a workshop run by the Port Hacking Potters Group with the American potter, Todd Pletcher.

Todd is a temporary resident in Australia and living a very different lifestyle here in central Sydney compared to his rural lifestyle at home in the USA.

His work is designed for the large wood kiln he built for himself at home and has lots of curves to catch the wood ash.
You can see more on his website here: https://www.pletcherpottery.com/

The workshop was run over two days and his technique suits a different style of pottery wheel to those we had available at the Gymea Ceramic Design Studio where it was held, as his technique needs a slow turn of the wheel and a quick move of the hands as the rims are cut. Maybe I just making excuses for being challenged? Others also found it a challenge though... even being back in a shared space with lots of chat instead of my own quiet home studio was different.

He has a great eye for detail and the clay needs to be constantly monitored as it drys.  More than I would usually need to do.

I enjoyed the challenge and have a couple of pieces that might be worth firing.

Todd Pletcher demonstrating his mugs


Elephant's Child said...

I hope your pieces can be fired - and that you show us. Love that you continue to learn.

Anna said...

Hi EC they could be fired but pottery lasts a loooong time so best to only fire pieces worth having :) that might a mug but not the jug!

Linda Starr said...

do you get to wood fire them

Anna said...

Hi Linda I don't think so... though I might hang onto it until next winter just in case. We can't do woodfiring around here in summer due to possible bushfires.