11 January 2018

Successful Commission delivered

I was asked to make a double handled mug for a lady with severe arthritis.

As my father had bad arthritis I could sympathise and took the commission.

I made two (as you do just in case) and they were both successful and the person was happy to take them both which was lovely of her.

I delivered them today and she was very pleased with them which is a relief.

Doubled Handled Mug - stoneware white clay - clear liner blue outer (2018)

Double handled mug - stoneware blue glaze (2018)


Elephant's Child said...

What a brilliant idea. My hands shake and I spill tea. Often. I may have to consider this option.

Anna said...

Hi EC I think there maybe some around for children but not for adults unless you also ask a potter to make one for you.

Linda Starr said...

lovely and if you use both hands it keeps your hands warm. Also tumblers made with some texture or ridges on the sides are easier to handle. I find that true and I don't have arthritis so I can imagine those with would like them better.

Anna said...

Thanks Linda its funny how tumblers are only just appearing in Australia lately. Generally people here seem to prefer handles. Something to do with our warmer climate and more tea drinkers than coffee drinkers though I think that is what is changing and we are getting more coffee drinkers now.