03 February 2018

When a glaze goes well

I have used this glaze before but it is very dependent on the thickness of application to get that nice satin black.  It is called Copper Rust and in an electric kiln will go quite green if only lightly applied.  These platters are now available at a small local home decor store called Fred & Co.

Textured slab hand formed platters- stoneware  (2018)

Here is a link to their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Fred-Co

The weather has cooled down so its off to the studio for me to make a few more platters and some vases to be able to pack the kiln well.  All platters would mean the kiln would struggle to fire efficiently.


Yvonne Barry said...

I do like this glaze Anna. Is it a cone 10 or midfire? It looks as though it breaks nicely on the carving..... How is it as far as food safety is concerned? Thank you,

Anna said...

Hi Yvonne
It is a stoneware glaze so Cone 10 and yes it allows the texture to be seen. It is food safe when fired to Cone 10. Glad you like it and thanks for taking time to comment.

Linda Starr said...

I like your texture pattern with that glaze

Anna said...

Hi Linda thank you, it does work well. I'm trying a different pattern/texture for the next lot.

Barbara R. said...

Our community studio has a "satin black" for cone 6, and it also needs to be a heavy coat to come out satin. One batch was a great glitch came out satin chocolate...I loved it.

Anna said...

Hi Barbara sounds like one of those happy accidents we get from time to time - one of the things that keeps us interested :)