01 April 2018

A long day but well worth it

As you know from my previous post I spent Good Friday at the Sydney Royal Easter Show helping with friends to promote the art of pottery.

Kara of CeramicsbyKara has organised this for the last few years.  This year there were five of us involved, myself, Tanya of Hop'n Frog Pottery, Roslyn Lowe and Dana Lundmark.

It meant a really early morning start but it was nice to arrive before the crowds and do a quick look around the Arts and Crafts Pavillion exhibitions once we were setup.

we arrived at sunrise

My friend, Jim Flood is an artist and had one of his palette knife oil paintings on display... a very talented fellow as you can see from this photo of his work

Sydney Harbour view by Jim Flood
The Arts and Crafts Pavillion has entries from across the state in all sorts of categories which include pottery, porcelain painting, cake decorating, sculpture, knitting, embroidery and lots more.

I had a quick look around - 

one of the pottery sections

part of the wood work section

and then the doors were open and the crowds arrived...

We were soon kept busy for the rest of the day... Kara was demonstrating handbuilding large poultry characters while Tanya and I had kids lined up to make a clay feather to put on the large hen she had made for the purpose..
A local supplier Keane Ceramics provided the clay and our other sponsors for the day were Art Est where Kara teaches children's classes and Northern Beaches TAFE where Kara, Roslyn and Dana have studied.

Tanya, Kara and Roslyn getting setup

Kara with one of her characters made as a demonstration piece

our partly feathered chook towards the end of the day... each feather represents one child's effort

Roslyn spent most of the day throwing and Dana was kept busy showing young folk how to make a pinch pot... 

Roslyn Lowe at the wheel

Dana helping the kids and parents make pinch pots
All in all a very tiring but fulfilling day!  I was so impressed by the young folk and their parents who were all so polite and interested.

Dana and I had some finished work on display - the others decided not to risk their pieces in transport to the Show
Thanks to Kara for organising the effort and getting the rest of us involved.

To finish off a short video clip Tanya shared so you get an idea of the atmosphere... it was a very hot day outside so I think we were in a good place.


Elephant's Child said...

It looks frantically busy, but very worthwhile. And I do love the fevvers on the chook. What will happen to the chook now?

Anna said...

We took our own food so we didn't have to line up for hours to get sustenance during the day... and just as well.
The chook has been taken to Kara's work studio and will be slowly dried then fired.

Linda Starr said...

what a wonderful even for the public, bet it was tiring, hope you post the chook after it's fired.

Dawn Whitehand said...

Sounds like a good day, and what good idea with the feathers !

Barbara R. said...

Oh my goodness, what a great demo for all those people who wanted to know about clay. And maybe some of them will continue their interest! Glad you had shade for a hot day too!

Anna said...

Hi Linda
If the chook survives I will certainly post a pic.

Anna said...

Hi Dawn
It was so interesting seeing the different way the kids approached the clay. I think some never had while others were very confident.

Anna said...

Hi Barbara
Yes we were certainly in a cooler place if not a cool place :) Yes many spoke of looking for classes in their own area and we could refer them to the Australian Ceramics website directory.