08 May 2018

Highlights, donations and back to the studio

 If I'm not blogging I must be making....  
rolling slabs by hand - big rolling pin and textured slabs ready for making platters...

the last month or so has been busy with sales and a new supplier taking my work... a big thank you to Neta at the Hazelhurst Gallery Shop where my pigs seem to be very popular.

They are not very big but are time consuming to make...

Hand formed porcelain pigs - underglaze and tissue print decoration

Handformed speckled pigs - stoneware BRT clay with underglaze

the slab work can be fun and this little dish found a new home at the Shire Creativity exhibition
Hand formed trinket dish - stoneware, stamped and tissue print decoration
 Meanwhile this teapot was my donation to a local Heritage Day raffle by the Botany Bay Family History Society
Blue/green glaze teapot - wheel thrown stoneware with cane handle
 and this one went to a charity auction to help the Tamworth Legacy and I heard back later that the local Mayor had the winning bid.  I hope their new owners enjoy a good few cups of tea from them.
Hobbit style teapot - stoneware, wheel thrown with underglaze and tissue print decoration


Elephant's Child said...

Love your work. The second teapot in particular calls to me, leaving my fingers itching to feel its weight and stroke the glaze.

Linda Starr said...

congrats on the new venue and I like those porcelain pigs; many folks don't realize that small things take just as long to make as big things.

Anna said...

Hi EC thank you so much. You are very encouraging.

Anna said...

Hi Linda
Yes the small things can be quite time consuming but I do enjoy making these and coming up with variations.