19 July 2018

My other hat

A bit quiet on this blog of late but I have been busy wearing my hat as the Convener of the committee that organises the Port Hacking Potters National Competition - this year will be our 50th.

You can read about it here:
Weekend Notes - October events

We have an additional prize this year, to be inspired by one of our first judges, Peter Rushforth (L), Peter Travis (R) or Ivan McMeekin (C).


Linda Starr said...

fifty years amazing

Elephant's Child said...

Your other hat would certainly keep you busy.
Peter Travis's piece makes me think of segments from an agate 'Thunder Egg'. I would love to see and examine that piece in particular.

Anna said...

Hi Linda
Yes I just hope we can keep going for another decade..

Hi EC... it is such a well made piece... you can't see any joins and the colours are great too... I love them all for different reasons..