29 September 2018

Competition Entries

A busy time coming up with a market tomorrow and again next week.

Tomorrow will be the Art of Living Festival at Bundeena.  Always an entertaining day with live music and performances by the local dance group.

I have entered three sculptures in the Port Hacking Potters 50th National Competition.  All about the environment with pigs to act as metaphors for human behaviour.

cropped image of sculpture

If you would like to know more about the Competition then here are a couple of links..
The Group's page: https://porthackingpotters.blogspot.com/

and a good article about the competition on this page of the Australian Ceramics Association - Australian Ceramics Assn.

Maybe I will see you at one of these events..


Elephant's Child said...

Good luck.
Increasingly I think that pigs behave rather better than we do.

Linda Starr said...

hope your festivals are fun and fruitful

Anna said...

Hi EC thank you and yes, I totally agree... pigs get bad press in comparison to some people.

Hi Linda
Thanks so much... as we gear up for summer I guess you are starting preparations for winter :)