19 February 2019

Tricky but successful commission

I was happy to hear that my commission for a pig topped teapot has arrived safely at it's new home.
The new owner is very happy and I'm happy it survived the interstate delivery.

Wheel thrown stoneware - Hyacinth glaze (2019)

Wheel thrown stoneware - Hyacinth glaze (2019)


Linda Starr said...

wonderful, aw the joys of opening a successful kiln

Anna said...

Hi Linda yes! such a relief when a commission comes through successfully :)

smartcat said...

That is a pig with personality and just right for the Year ofthePig!

Anna M. Branner said...

VERY successful.

Anna said...

Hi Suz Smartcat thank you and yes Year of the Pig so I'll be making more than usual this year I think.

Thank you Anna that's nice :>)