19 October 2019

Art for Bales fundraiser, sale day today and tomorrow

If you have an Instagram account please consider purchasing some art work for the fundraiser for drought relief, @artforbales2019

There are 200 or more artists, including myself with art works and pottery for sale. The sale is taking place over two days, 19 & 20 October 2019

Here are my small offerings - 3 porcelain brooches.
The green bird has sold - the cupcakes are still available
$15 each with free delivery within Australia


Elephant's Child said...

No instagram account, but I hope it raises the needed bucketloads of cash.
And I am not surprised your bird sold quickly. A lovely thing.

Anna said...

Hi EC thank you. one of the cupcake brooches has also sold now.
They are up to $40,000 and a day to go!