25 November 2019

Christmas sales preparations underway

I have several markets and a PopUp Shop as well as my usual stockists to supply over the next month so glad my last firing went well.
Here is a selection of some current pieces.
I hope to be back in the studio tomorrow for more making....

small bud vase. white stoneware with 2 colour stamped design

Christmas Tree Hangers - porcelain and tissue print

Christmas Tree Hangers - Porcelain, gilding and glass beads


Elephant's Child said...

All of these pieces are lovely and should fly off the shelf - literally and metaphorically.

Anna said...

Hi EC thanks so much for your supportive comments.

Linda Starr said...

beautiful, may you have many sales, love the holly deco

Anna said...

Hi Linda glad you like the holly. I used to underglaze colours on a stamp so that was fun.
The flower in the vase has a holly like leaf but is a bush native to Australia called Fushia Holly. Fitting I thought :)