26 July 2021

One door closes

 I was working towards an entry in the Port Hacking Potters National Competition but unfortunately it has been cancelled.. Due to Covid restrictions in Sydney the gallery has closed and with it unclear as to when it could reopen the decision was made to cancel.  The committee couldn't risk pots from other states being left in limbo.  It is possible the group will stage a members only show a bit later, so another door opens.

I am fortunate to have my own kiln at home and have been able to continue work on a commission and some other work.  
I was quite happy with these cups.

stay well folks


Elephant's Child said...

I hope other doors open wide for you - and adore your cups.

gz said...

Keep on making...you are fortunate to have a kiln at home.

Anna said...

Hi EC thank you..I was quite happy with these and a bonus that the lid fits so that one can be a Keep Cup when we can use them for take away again.

Anna said...

Hi GZ yes very lucky to have my own kiln at home. The group I belong to can't access their kilns during lockdown.

Azka Kamil said...

Awesome :)