06 February 2022

Charity Fund Raiser and First firing for 2022


I started the year off taking part in the fund raiser for the islands of Tonga who have been hit by an Tsunami and an earthquake.. the clay community came together and raised $A17,589 for the small Pacific nation. My brooch sold but the ring is still available.

Then happily someone decided they needed more of my pigs so I had a good reason to get into my studio again..

Some reasonable results but disappointed in a couple of vases.. the glaze I used is a fickle one and this time it was not wanting to play.

Yesterday was time to clean bottoms and pig trotters.


Elephant's Child said...

Smiling at a day for cleaning bottoms and trotters.
And thank you for your work to assist Tonga.

Anna said...

Hi EC glad that made you smile and it was great to have the opportunity to assist in a little way, the people of Tonga.

smartcat said...

Love the pigs in all their breeds.
So kind and thoughtful to do a fundraiser for those in dire straits. We barely heard of it on this side of the world.
I guess the internet in all its glory does have some advantage.

Anna said...

Hi Smartcat
I've only just seen your post.. people are having a tough time all over the world, what with wars and natural disasters..from bushfires of past years to the pandemic and now record breaking floods in my state!