10 November 2006

Cultural Productions _ 1960's Ceramics

Lucie Rie
Born in Austria 1902 she moved to England in 1938. Known for her wide rimmed bottles and sgraffito bowls, her work spans many decades from when she was a student in the 1920’s to being awarded a (CBE) in 1981 and made a Dame in 1991. Hans Coper shared her workshop from 1947 to 1958. Her work was of particular note during her time as it was so different from Bernard Leach who dominated the Studio Pottery movement. Her work was exhibited in Paris and New York as well as England.

I have enjoyed researching her work. It has been interesting to see how she retained her style while progressing to different finishes. In the future I would like to research further and try out some more of her finishes and firing techniques such as brushing the glaze onto greenware and then once firing. I like the variety of shapes of her ware and the range of glazes which she fired in her studio in an electric kiln.

I have taken a photo of some of the pots I have made using photos of her work as inspiration.

Lucie Rie, her life and work; edited by John Houston Crafts Council London 1981.
Lucie Rie 90th Birthday Exhibition Galerie Besson Catologue 1992
Lucie Rie by Tony Birks London 1987




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jledingham said...

Lovely classic work, Anna.