03 November 2006

Cultural Productions _ Pop Art

Claes Oldenburg
Born in Sweden in 1929, he moved to New York in 1956. He had little formal art education having trained as a journalist at University. His early installations reflected the streets of the area where he lived and the rubbish he collected to make the exhibition pieces. By 1962 he was making very large soft sculptures such as the Soft Hamburger. He went on to make monumental sculptures of items such as a garden trowel and clothes peg.

I thought I would update the concept of the soft sculptured hamburger and use the popular take-away food of now, the Sushi Roll.

Endeavouring to make this sculpture gave me more respect for his early work as it was more difficult than I expected. You can see that I have run out of black tape and will need to tidy this one up before assessment.



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jledingham said...

I look forward to tasting the real thing.