27 May 2011

Past History

This time last year my husband and I were in the UK and I had a great time at the Wedgewood Museum and Visitor's Centre.
Portraits of the Wedgewood Family

I had done a project about Wedgewood during my Diploma course and to be able to see all that history in one room was just so thrilling.  I even managed to throw a little pot using Jasper ware which they then fired and mailed home for me.

It wasn't just the Jasperware but works like these that are similar to the 'Frog' service which was made for the Empress of Russia with each piece having a different image - a technical innovation of the time. 

I did wonder if these bluebells growing along the driveway to the Visitors Centre were an inspiration for the well known Wedgewood Blue Jasperware :^)

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