22 May 2011

Precious Little

One of my teachers, Steve Harrison is having a show at the Watters Gallery in East Sydney from the 1 June to 18th June 2011.
He uses all his own locally found materials to make a special porcelain and fire in his own kiln made of his own handmade fire bricks - just amazing beautiful work.  Do get there if you can:
Each small bowl is like a precious jewel.
Here is an excerpt from his catalogue: 
These works that I have created for this show are very small and intimate. They are like little gems - jewels from my kiln, from my life. They are created as part of an attempt to live an honest life of commitment to art, creativity, and compassion, while being environmentally aware and caring.

My bowls are as perfect as I can make them, but they are not perfect, they are just what they are. They represent me at this time and place and in this way they are deeply flawed. They are also as perfectly beautiful as I can make them, however it is a strange beauty of imperfection, such that they have to be accepted as they are, with all their beautiful faults and flaws. So here am I and this is my work. These bowls are neither perfect nor imperfect, not beautiful or ugly, they represent neither success nor failure, they are just what they are.

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Linda Starr said...

Yep, that's a jewel and lovely description from Steve.