09 November 2011

This week in the garden

This week I'm taking part in a survey of wildlife in the garden by our local Council.  A few days ago it was nearly all birds- mostly these whose common name is Soldier Bird as when they think their territory is threatened they will call out to each other and all  fly in to see what the enemy is and try to chase it away.

Today they were a bit upset by this visitor - the Blue Tongue lizard which is a large form of skink.  I don't mind these too much (not a fan of reptiles) as they eat snails and are fairly harmless.

 The garden is looking good after some spring rain.  These Lilly Pilly are so soft and fluffy and the bees love them.  They produce a berry which can be made into jam but I like to leave them for the birds to eat.

This is a Euopean Honey Bee and we also have a small black native bee around but so tiny and quick I wasn't able to snap one.

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