06 November 2011

Where are they now?

I've been going through all my notes from the last 12 years of  study. 
(mostly part-time at night after work as a Clerical Officer and Notetaker for Students with Disability)
I've been sorting them into topics and putting aside what can be recycled.

While there I came across this flyer from about 2001 and wondered where these clay workers are now?
They had a shop front and workshop combined and even employed a thrower while they concentrated on decoration and supplying orders. I believe they were sending their work worldwide and that was with only limited web access in those days.


Linda Starr said...

Don't get rid of too many notes, you never know when you might want to refer to them, perhaps they can be cataloged and put on the computer or in a book.

Anna said...

Hi Linda, you are so right. I am hoping that by sorting them and removing the course requirement stuff and then putting them back together under topics such as Glazing or Handbuilding, I'll have better luck at finding the useful information.