08 March 2012

Bead Hangers

I am currently taking a ceramic jewellery making class at my local TAFE college. This week some of us were able to glaze our first batch and set them on Kanthal wire on our bisque fired hangers.  They will go into an electric kiln for a firing at 1200 deg C.  This is my post this week for Mud Colony and my Facebook page, Anna's Ceramics and Facebook Group, Anna's Aussie Ceramics.  Drop by and check them out :^)

slabs of raku clay cut and joined and holes drilled to hold wire

closer detail of the bead hangers
Detail of glazed beads and pendants showing them balanced on the Kanthal wire
Detail showing beads hanging and 2 brooches on base


Sadhana said...

Nice racks!
Makes my attempt at bead hangers look like a natural disaster ;~D

Anna said...

thanks Sadhana. So long as yours are functional looks don't really count. There are endless variations on these - do a Google image search or a Youtube search.

Linda Starr said...

I took a bead making class years ago and I bought a bead hanger in California and never used it. I may have to drag mine out seeing your's here. I make pendants but I fire them flat. It's kind of amazing how a tiny bead can take as much time as something large made in clay isn't it?

Anna said...

Hi Linda
I'd be interested to see the style of your Californian bead hanger. I'm hoping the couple of pendants I've glazed both sides and hung will survive the kiln. Linda did you see the image of my golden syrup jar on the bikkies post?

Dawn Whitehand said...

Impressive!! Hope you post the results! (PS: I use Wordpress... with Blogger can I "like" a post or only leave a comment?)

laccentnou said...

Awesome hangers!
For a while I wanted to see how to fire fully glased small pieces, now I see. Thank you!
Do you know how thick wire must be?

Anna said...

Hi Dawn, yes, I'll be posting the results but maybe not next week as not everyone in the class is up to glazing so not enough for a firing yet :( I will look at adding a detail so you can just like a post - us Facebookers are spoilt aren't we?
Hi Anastasia, glad you found this useful. I'll get back to you on the wire thickness :^)

Anna said...

Hi Dawn following your question, I've now added the Bloggers version of a Like to the bottom of my posts :^)

Brenda said...

Oh clever! I was just looking at bead hangers at an online pot shop...sooo expensive! Do you need to use raku clay?

Anna said...

Hi Brenda
The clay used here is a local Raku clay but really it is a stoneware clay containing grog. Something like that would then take the multiple firings. thanks being part of Mud Colony :^)