15 March 2012

Live and learn

Well, my teacher tried to warn me but I didn't get what she was telling me.  Nothing like experience to teach a lesson!  The pendants I glazed were too heavy to have more than one on the wire as the wire softens and then bends in the firing - as a result the pendants and bead moved together and the glaze stuck where they touched. Sorry no photo of the mess as I didn't have my camera with me.  Any way better luck next time - I have another lot going through a firing this week so fingers crossed it goes better this time.
Here are the ones I kept.  The three orange ones in front will need a little more sanding off with a sharpening stone.  I think I threw about 6 away.

I'll be adding this post to Mud Colony so hop over and see what others are doing this week.


Kim Schoenberger said...

Hi Anna, the ones that made it look great! I did the exact same thing, when I jammed packed heaps on beads on the one wire thinking I was being clever - until I opened the kiln to find an instant installation looking back at me :D

Anna said...

Hi Kim, yes I was lucky not to have an installation. Had to get a metal scaper and a hammer to get one off the side of the bead hanger, lol! These first ones are made with a raku clay and are a bit thick anyway. I've some Cool Ice underway :^)

Sadhana said...

Love your stamps :)
Your racks look so cool, mine are very rustic by comparison

Anna said...

thanks Sadhana, helps to have a template handed to you by the teacher :^)