22 March 2012

a few results

this week has been mostly about preparation with a few early results coming back from firing...
Thanks to the Lovely Adriana Christianson for Mud Colony which is helping me to stay motivated with my blogging. Pop over and see what others are doing this week: Mud Colony blog posts for this week

some early pieces for my Steampunk series

mainly checking out some underglazes, I like the Deco Butter creamy colour..

my stamp moulds are a bit messy. I have used a surform to get rid of the sharp edges and will use wet & dry sandpaper in water to smooth off more.  The cylinder on the left will be carved into and used as a rolling stamp.  


Linda Starr said...

Great results, your underglazes came out shiny. Are your stamps bisque ? That's a whole lot of carving to do. I have never made any stamps but only have used found objects.

Anna said...

Hi Linda, check my Facebook page and you will see I made the moulds with plaster after preparing the clay with the texture and using tea bag boxes and toilet rolls as cottles. Sorry I got out of context here. The pendants have been glazed with a clear 1200 degree C glaze, lightly applied so not shiny all over. Thanks for visiting and I'll keep in mind that not everyone sees both my blog and Facebook pages.

Kim Schoenberger said...

Hi Anna,

Nice results and I love the stamps, I have a fetish for stamps I like the toilet roll idea :-)

Anna said...

Thanks Kim :^) the slimmer cylinder was made using a paper towel roll. Stronger too so I needed sharp scissors to take the cardboard off once the plaster had set.