10 May 2012

Back to the future and a little more jewellery

The TAFE course I am doing is actually an introductory course so in addition to the jewellery we are doing some hand building and preparing for a primitive firing day.
We have been asked to make some pots with an influence from those made traditionally in Papua New Guinea.
we are using a red raku clay and some slip

We are still putting some of our jewellery together:
Now that I have a better idea of how to use the pliers I'm happier with the results.

textured Cool Ice Porcelain, sky blue underglaze and glass beads

A little Steam Punk influence here. Cool Ice again but with iron oxide instead of underglaze.

You can also find me on Facebook: Anna's Ceramics  or check out some other clay workers over at Mud Colony.


Ellen Appleby said...

Looking good Anna - I like the steam punk jewellery - be good to see more of this!

Anna said...

Hi Ellen
Thank you. My first lot of steam punk was put in a display cabinet by my teacher before I could photo it - not complaining. Hope to make a little more soon.