03 May 2012

Pouring more mud

I had hoped to have these fired for a market stall this coming Sunday but it hasn't happened yet.
slip cast and decorated with underglazes and tissue prints

tricky to slip cast these beads

not a very good photo but you can get an idea of how it looks

I'm also putting together some of my jewellery and I've made two key ring or bag danglers which I hope to sell at the Stanwell Park Markets this Sunday 6th May 2012 - they have a Facebook pagehttp://www.facebook.com/pages/Stanwell-Park-Village-MarketMake-ItBake-ItCreate-It/151790061509854?sk=wall

I'll be sharing this post to my own Facebook page: Anna's Ceramics and my Fb Group: Annas Aussie Ceramics not to mention Mud Colony...  see you around :^)


Linda Starr said...

Lovely, what are tissue prints?

gz said...

I've got pots that should have been ready for the Farmers' Market this Saturday...things are just drying so slowly as the weather is cold and damp

Anna said...

Hi gz, I am thinking these pieces must be destined to be bought by someone at another venue :^)
Hi Linda, tissue prints are made in Japan or China and are patterns printed onto tissue paper with ceramic inks. Sooo easy to use.

Ellen Appleby said...

Sometimes things take longer than expects... maybe I should say "often"... unless there is a deadline and an all night session ;>)