20 October 2012

some tree hangers

This week I've started to prepare for a market in November and one in December
I'm hoping these go well..
The ones with tissue prints will be fired to temp unglazed (Cool Ice Porcelain so to 1200deg C)

I'll bisque fire the others and the red and blue/green ones will be clear glazed and the plain ones will have coloured glazes..

Remember to check out Mud Colony this week


Linda Starr said...

Those are going to be super looking.

Brenda said...

Love the shapes! Can't wait to see them finished. How did you keep them so lovely and flat! I find mine always curl a little!

Anna said...

oh fingers crossed Linda, not out of the fire yet ;^)
Hi Brenda
Yes, we have to fight that 'clay memory' so after I've cut them out I put another bat or 2 on top after placing clean paper on them while they dry.