29 March 2013

Local Paper and some piercing

Our local paper ran an article on the Port Hacking Potters' day at the Royal Easter Show which was great publicity for our Group and nice acknowledgement for the team who put themselves out to get up Very Early in the morning to share our craft with the Public.

I'm not so keen on the Header though.. still it reads well and lets people know we are an active group :)

I'm quite enjoying the piercing I am trying at the moment - of course while I enjoy making the holes and patterns, the glazing will be a challenge..
I added some more swirls and leaves after this photo was taken...

Next will be a couple of vases with a shellac resist pattern.. hmnn fuzzy photo, must have moved :(

have you checked out Mud Colony this week?

if you are on Facebook I have a page there too... Anna's Ceramics


Linda Starr said...

Great to be on the front page, I never know when to clean up those piercing without gauging the clay and making a mess of it.

Anna said...

Hi Linda
I know what you mean about cleaning up.. I'm trying leaving it til its very dry...