07 April 2013

A few more bits

This little pot was a test

of  using this tool,

and black stain and water.

You have to keep the stain suspended (mix often) and even after bisque it can still be smudged.  I decided to go with the smudges and do some more before I glazed it.  To over come this the design could be sprayed with a cover coat as you would use on a painting or charcoal drawing before being loaded into the kiln for bisque firing and you would still need to be careful when taking it out of the kiln.  Still, a nice alternative with possibilities.

I then have gone over  to try a new stoneware clay by Keanes called Ironstone.  A lovely smooth clay for throwing but here I am using a slab and hump mold to make a plate. 

the texture comes from a textured wall paper being hand rolled into the slab.

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Linda Starr said...

That's a great texture for the platter, not sure I'd like all the work involved with the tool; it is fun to experiment though as new things are always discovered.

Anna said...

Hi Linda
I have a whole sample book of textured wall paper :)
I think the tool could be better used if the stain was mixed with a medium rather than water.. still it was fun :^)