16 September 2013

At the Cronulla Spring Fair

Over the weekend I took part in the Cronulla School of Arts open days as part of the Cronulla Spring Fair.
It was a big event with the main street closed off, stalls all the way around both sides of the street, music, slides and rides and a vintage car display.

The Cronulla School of Arts is one of the few that is still owned and operated by the members and not taken over by the local council.. quite a feat in this day and age.

The Port Hacking Potters are one of the longest standing groups in the collection of craft groups that make up the School of Arts.  There is also a very active theatre group which puts on some great shows during the year.  It was their 50th anniversary this year and they were giving tours of 'back stage'.

As you can see from these historical photos, the School of Arts has been going a lot longer than 50yrs.
Groups with displays included the Spinners and Weavers:

Inke and friend sat in the window and drew interested onlookers

the Lace Makers had some activities for the young ones

some beautiful patchwork on display 

and then there were a few potters with work for sale...
we didn't sell much but it was mainly about letting people know we are part of the activities...

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