13 September 2013

From bowls to bottles

As my followers will know, I have made lots of bowls this year for the Empty Bowls project (which by the way raised almost $8000).

Now that that is finished I have started on bottles :^)

that one on the right is better than it looks in the photo.

I'm thinking the two on the left will be glaze decoration while the one on the right will be a combination of my usual underglaze and print...  maybe some yellow and black??

Saturday and Sunday I'll be over at the Port Hacking Potters sale in the Cronulla School of Arts with a couple of other members of the Group.  Call by and say hi if you are over that way..  check their blog for more detail here: http://www.porthackingpotters.blogspot.com.au/

over to Mud Colony now to see what others are up to..

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