02 November 2013

Cuerda Seca Workshop

Today I took some time out with my pottery friends from Port Hacking Potters to do a Cuerda Seca technique workshop. 

This link explains the process in a simple way: http://palandri.com/mark/clayblog/?p=289

Our teacher, Sandra, was very friendly and her husband backed her up as our host for the day.  We all took along some food to share in our break and just like the loaves and fishes there was plenty of food on the table.

We chose our own designs and practiced with a black paint on paper first. Then we chose our tile or plate bisque ware, transferred our designs (I used carbon paper) and started the process.

Here we are at the end of the day:
and here are our designs.
All in earthenware brush on glazes so I am looking forward to seeing our colourful results.

Tomorrow I'll be visiting more clay friends at the Eveleigh Markets for the 'Clay Day' event organised by the Australian Ceramics Assn.

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