24 November 2013

Drying clay

After getting back to making teapots to replace the ones I overfired, I'm now waiting for them to dry. Drying clay with attachments like spouts and handles needs to be done slowly so they are lightly covered now and I'll take the covers off tomorrow.  Hopefully they will be ready to pack in a bisque firing by Wednesday.

To help to inspire my decorations I picked these Native Violets from my garden..
I placed them in this tiny little wood fired bottle which I purchased while on my Mud Colony odyssey earlier this year at Robert Baron's Gooseneck Pottery.

I'm testing some more Graffito paper, this time in Teal and it was so hard to Test and not put it straight onto a teapot!! 

There are four tiles which will be coasters if the firing goes OK.  I wonder what the Teal will look like with a glaze over to bring out the colour..

If you follow me on Facebook you will have seen this next image of my own tiny bottle.  This time the decoration is tissue print.

Here is a link to my Facebook page  - Anna's Ceramics

And I also threw this pot earlier to help fill the kiln.  A little different to my usual style, this one is decorated with some sprigs with a seaside theme.

Only a few more posts to be included with the Mud Colony blog.  The end of an era on the 5th December but we will be sitting there in the ether to go back and have a look any time.
But this week, check us out here: Mud Colony

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