30 November 2013

Hopping Frogs and Acrobats

What a lovely day I had yesterday meeting up with the very talented Tanya of Hop N Frog Pottery  who creates gorgeous Australian themed pieces from her small suburban studio.  Tanya also made welcome another very talented Ceramic Artist from Qld, Ellen Appleby of Ellen S Appleby Ceramics who was in town to attend the opening of the Christmas Show at the Kerrie Lowe Gallery who are now stocking some of her work.
Tanya's beautiful work is not limited to frogs and lady birds - just look at her whale and that "Alice in Wonderland" teapot!!

After we reluctantly left Hop N Frog behind we took a quick tour of the Archibald Prize at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery before it was time to go to the Kerrie Lowe Gallery.

It was a very cool night but as usual the team at Kerrie Lowe Gallery gave everyone  a warm welcome.  We were amongst the first to arrive so had a chance to look around before the crowd arrived.

Here is Ellen admiring works by Amanda Shelsher; Mollie Bosworth; Elaine Bradley and Cathy Franzi

Ellen's own work looked stunning - as you see here
those are her exquisite bowls and acrobats on the lower shelf

and just behind those green insects on the middle shelf are her bud vases

and then to finish off the night we met up with Amy Orsatti  another ceramic artists who blogs..

and speaking of blogs - do check out Mud Colony where lots of blogging ceramic artists have been collecting for some time now..
(thanks to my dear patient, non potting husband for the photos).


Ellen Appleby said...

Hey Anna
Great to see the photos - it was a fun opening, so much ceramics to see. And fabulous to spend time with you, Amy, Mike and the amazing Tanya. Can't wait for the next time!! Ellen

Anna said...

My pleasure Ellen - here's to next time :)