12 January 2014

Sunday Ceramics link up

A new link up is now open for Sunday Ceramic posts.  After the finish of Mud Colony another potter, Kim Foale has decided to offer a link each week.  Thanks Kim.

I'm still not back into my studio - hope to get there later this week.

This does mean I have been enjoying some pottery books though.  The first from our local library is by Simon Leach of the famous pottery family..

His book "Simon Leach's Pottery Handbook" includes two CD's full of video clips on all the basic techniques from throwing lids to making teapots or fluting vessels.  Its available on Amazon.

I purchased this one from Amazon with a gift  voucher from my son:

I've admired Jane Perryman's work for a long time and in this book she introduces other potters who also work without glaze.  

I'm thinking some of these techniques will suit my pig sculptures.

I have an appointment with the gallery in the city, Limelight,  to take some more of my work this week.
Here is a sneak peek: 

See you over on Sunday Ceramics..


Linda Starr said...

love the lime green, great book recommendations too, thanks for those

kim @frogpondsrock said...

Hey Anna thanks for joining in. I bought that teapot book your recommended it was very good. cheers Kim

Anna said...

Hi Kim glad to be part of your link up and good you liked the Teapot Book

Hi Linda, I hope some others like the lime green too :) maybe you will find the books in your local library...

Midori said...

Your teapot would be great for Japanese green tea. : ) Enjoy readig lovely books! : )

Anna said...

Hi Midori
Thank you, I certainly hope someone likes the teapot enough to make Japanese green tea and want to take it home.
The books are great.