19 January 2014

Ceramic jewellery and a Visit to China Clay

My stock of ceramic jewellery is getting a little low so with the weather still being hot and dry here I am putting together some new pieces... just can't face going out into the heat to clean the studio and start wedging clay..  cooler weather on the horizon though...

Here is some of my sold stock:
Brooches - mostly sold

Bracelet - sold

Blue butterfly pendant with glass beads - sold

I'm trying a different style
some beading going on

I am using braided linen thread for this necklace and will be trying some ear-rings for the orange drops at the back there...

Today was a great Treat..  I was able to visit the lovely ceramic gallery shop called China Clay run by Cath Fogarty at Clovelly, a beach side suburb of Sydney, not far from Bondi.

I managed not to drool ... not easy when surrounded by the most beautiful ceramics by so many of my favourite makers.. with permission from Cath, here are some images for you to appreciate too... please be sure to acknowledge the maker if you share any of these images..

reflective shop front of China Clay at Clovelly NSW

selection includes Sandy Lockwood (teapot) and Adriana Christianson (urchin necklaces)

more delights on the shelves

this shelf runs all the way along one wall and includes work by Denise McDonald

by Tracey Mitchell

by Shannon Garson

by Susan Frost

by Adriana Christianson

by Vicki Grima

As you can see this space is well worth the trip so do spread the word, take your friends to visit the gallery and then have a swim at the beach which has an ocean pool.. or just enjoy and buy yourself a gift to take home.

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Linda Starr said...

Your jewelry is looking great, love the use of the braided linen; what a nice trip you had, my sister in law lives in Perth. She used to be a clay artist but now she paints.

Midori said...

All look so lovely! : )

kim @frogpondsrock said...

Thanks For linking up again Anna. Every time I look at the red heart brooch of yours that I own I smile. And I will put China Clay on my list of places to visit next time I am in Sydney.

Anna said...

Hi Linda
If you ever visit your sister in law in Perth I can give you some clay contacts over that way to visit and of course if you also managed to get to Sydney wouldn't it be great to meet up!

Thanks Midori

Yes Kim, you should definitely go there if you are up! Oh that's nice that the red heart makes you smile :)