24 January 2014

Limelight Gallery - a special space..

If you follow me on Facebook you will know that a new gallery in the centre of Sydney has some of my work in stock.  It is:

Limelight Gallery
827-837 George St, Sydney, Australia 2000

near Central Railway Station, along the under pass.

Setup specially for graduate students of the Sydney Institute of TAFE, there is a wonderful variety of photographics, jewellery, fashion and of course, ceramics!

These are my latest works now available at the gallery...

Three Salsa Dishes - thrown porcelain 2013

Thrown and water etched porcelain voitive 2013

thrown and pieced porcelain voitive 2013

Pair thrown and pieced voitive porcelain 2013

Thrown and decorated stoneware teapot 2013

Other ceramic artists represented include Inga Svendson and Janet Selby.
Do call in and have a look next time you are in Sydney.


Midori said...

Water etched pot looks especially lovely! : )Did you have to throw it quick think for this?

Anna said...

Hi Midori
That water etched votive is wheel thrown in porcelain clay, trimmed, allowed to dry then I draw on the design, cover it with shellac and use water to wash away the area around the design. It is then bisque fired, smoothed over with wet and dry sand paper in water, allowed to dry completely and then glazed and fired again.