30 March 2014

Heritage Festival = busy day

As the outgoing President of Port Hacking Potters Group I had a busy day yesterday helping to setup a stall at one venue and an information table at another...

The stall venue was interesting one might say..  close to the chapel of the Woronora Cemetery which opened the place up for a medieval enactment group and the spinners and weavers , us plus some other general stalls.

The weather was lovely but we were on the quiet side of the building and saw very few visitors...

the information table was worthwhile though and we will give it some consideration next year.

 We did enjoy the music of the Burwood Scottish Pipe Band as they went past.

No new pots this week  to show you...  I have two platters glazed but not yet fired and three little bottles in a bisque firing at the Arts Centre... they could be out this week I hope..

I did sell a couple of brooches.. like these

remember to check out Sunday Ceramics for more about those that make with clay..


frog ponds rock... said...

Your brooches make me smile, I like my red heart one very much. And shame about being on the quiet side of the building but hopefully this sets you up for a better idea for next year :)

Anna said...

Hi Kim
Glad that brooch is still making you smile.. and very pleased I posted as a brooch collector is now interested that saw my blog, yay.
Well it was worth a try and we can decide what to do next time the festival comes around..