10 March 2014

experimental text

I tried out my rubber stamp alphabet set this week..

The 'Y' needed some help and I found the clay needs to be firming up before they work well.

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smartcat said...

You make me want to dig out my stamps!

kim @frogpondsrock said...

where did you get the stamps Anna? I have been using cake decorating letters but they are so fiddly. I have ink pad ones but they dont work very well in the clay. Yours look to be a good size.

Anna said...

Hi Smartcat stamps are fun :)

Hi Kim I found these at a stationery store called TYPO. They have nice long timber bases that make them easier to handle. Fairly small but good enough. The store had another version of the alphabet stamps too. (different font).

Linda Starr said...

cool, will you use underglaze to highlight the letters?

Anna said...

Hi Linda I'm not sure just where this is headed. I haven't got back to trim the pot.. :/ Maybe I will cut it up, maybe I will bisque it and use iron oxide to highlight the letters?