17 August 2014

Pigs on Facebook

I spend way too much time looking at images of other potters work on Facebook but have also found a group called the Breakfast Club Diaries.  Here people post images of their morning walks.  Well one person is posting images of her pet pigs!
What a find.. it is so good to have current images of life size proportions that have inspired by latest pig sculptures...

What do you think..

Here is Spot
and Blackie

and here are my inspired versions

my hand formed pigs are quite small but I'm very happy with them so far..  fingers crossed for the firings and setting them on a stand which I threw on the wheel today..


Linda Starr said...

way cool, Anna, I spend way too much time on pinterest, check them out for images too you can do a search
your pigs look great on that bright material too

Anna said...

Hi Linda, I'm not game to get started on Pinterest! I'd never get anything else done!! thanks for your encouragement :)

Caroline said...

Very lifelike!

Anna said...

thanks Caroline.. a couple of firings to go yet but fingers crossed..