12 November 2014

Always visit a potter if you can..

I've been away from home for a couple of weeks visiting The Great Ocean Road in Victoria and the '12 Apostles' as they are known.
It is a big tourist draw and its not hard to see why... very unusual landscape and the road was built by returned soldiers to give them work and help them to return to civilian life after WW1.

Further along the road is this outcrop aptly named "London Bridge" which fell down in this case many ages ago... sorry I don't have the exact detail of which geographical time it was.  It shows how the Apostle formations came about with softer layers of rock being worn away by the sea and wind which rolls in directly from Antarctica.

Where we stayed was very close to a pottery called Angledean Pottery.  Here is a link about the studio:Angledean Pottery

I had a lovely time looking around his workshop and studio and learning about the history of their business which is a husband and wife team.  They have expanded their craft and now also do glass slumping and he is learning blacksmithing to be able to make metal sculptures.. well worth the visit and we came away with some nice mugs and a glass coaster to add to our collection.

Do call by if you are in the area.

Before we left the area we also visited the Qdos Arts Centre at Lorne.
Very interesting place with an anamaga kiln. Potter, Graeme Wilkie is in charge.

There are also many sculptures in the garden and a nice gallery and a cafe.  The kiln was in the process of being refurbished and the potter was taken up with that so not able to chat with us that day but we enjoyed our visit anyway. They run many arts events there and even have some accommodation.

a view of the gallery
 The beautiful and intricately decorated pots on display were by the Internationally recognised artist, Alexandra Copeland.  Here is a link for more about her : Alexandra Copeland
more of the gallery

one of the sculptures

the entrance driveway

So if you have been wondering why things have been quiet this is why.  Plus I've have been contemplating some new focus for my own designs... more in the weeks to come.


Linda Starr said...

omg that first shot has me hooked wishing I could hop on a plane and go there now, what a beautiful pottery building, love the sculptures, all very inspiring as I was just thinking of making a totem for my lower patio entrance to my studio and the red sculpture caught me eye. great post thanks so much

Anna said...

Hi Linda - glad you can at least visit in the online world if not in reality and happy you found some inspiration in the sculpture. thanks for visiting my blog - I always get a thrill to see your comments :)