17 May 2015

Potters helping Timor/Leste

I love the generosity of potters...

One of my friends is organizing a charity event in Noosa Qld where potters donate bowls which are then filled with food for which they buy a serve and the money raised goes to a charity to help the women of East Timor (Now known as Leste). A form of "Empty Bowls" event.

After gaining their freedom from Indonesia the little country of East Timor is still doing it tough.

Here is a link to Ellen's website for details of the event: http://www.ellensappleby.com.au/#!Slow-Food-Empty-Bowls-Lunch/cvqq/555171640cf23d01648bc9d1

I've sent along two of my bowls and other members of the Port Hacking Potters Group have also donated bowls.  I hope it is very successful.

Wheel thrown, water etched bowls.  Dark Celedon Glaze fired to 1280 deg C in Reduction.


Linda Starr said...

those are perfect shaped bowls for soup

Anna said...

thanks Linda. They could be larger but then not everyone wants a huge serve. These easily hold a cup full - maybe not quite two though.