23 May 2016

A Notable Sunday

I had a lovely day yesterday.  First of all I had Brunch with my husband at the little cafe on the river, The Boatshed Cafe at Woronora (who stock some of my pots)  and then we stayed on to have a good look at our friends exhibition.

Jim and Janet Flood are a talented couple.  Jim is a palette knife painter while Janet is a very talented traditional potter.  Their exhibition is also part of a fund-raiser for the charity, Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia (Aust.) Ltd. They do marvellous work for women in Africa.

There is a good write up of the exhibition here: http://www.weekendnotes.com/art-by-the-river-exhibition-at-the-boatshed/ and a link to this handy website in my blog side bar to your right.

Next we visited a local Australian Pottery Collectors market.  It was so interesting to see some very historical old pots and so good to talk with people who appreciate them.  One or two collectors also had some current makers work and I picked up this little jug by Victor Greenaway for a very reasonable price.

Victor Greenaway jug
Victor Greenaway is a renowned Australian potter who now runs pottery tours in Italy.  He came back for an exhibition in Melbourne earlier this year.

All in all a notable day.


Dawn Whitehand said...

Sounds like an ideal Sunday!! I have a Greenaway jug, same design but in very pale blues rather than pink :-)

Anna said...

the dealer had some tumblers in the blue design.. they were lovely too..