20 July 2016

some test results and making jewellery

Another week gone by in a flash and don't you find the second half of the year speeds by faster than the first half?

 The iron oxide tests gave me some interesting results... it will need to be repeated though as I messed up the quantities on the second batch..
Still the 2.5% of iron oxide in a clear glaze base looks nice and speckled which is worth mixing up a larger batch to try.  What I thought was 6.5% is actually 9% - it's a while since I mixed test glazes...

I'm preparing for two events.

First is a stall with the local potters group on Thursday 28 July in the foyer of Sutherland Hospital, 9am to 2.30pm.

Parking is awkward but we often sell to staff as well as visitors.

I've made some new bracelets and brooches...

in addition to some pendants...

then there is the biggy
The Sydney Teapot Show

Here is a link to see where it is held in Glebe at the Inner City Clayworkers gallery.

It is open on the 5 August...


I hope you can come along and say hi

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